TILT® Leads the Low-Voltage Lighting Revolution

Learn How TILT® Low Voltage Lighting Works


TILT is a plug and play, low-voltage commercial lighting system that is made up of four main components:


Converts standard 120 to 277 volt AC power to a safer 24 volt DC power.

Drive Line

Brings power from the Driver to the LED lights. The TILT Drive Line is low voltage, plenum-rated, thin and flexible Class 2 wire.

Speed Whips

Connects the Drive Line to the LED lights; as thin and flexible as the Drive Line.

LED Lights

Highest quality LED lights in the industry.


Low Voltage LED Lighting System Diagram

The TILT® Difference

Conventional lights have a driver – the power source – on each and every light.

TILT’s unique design separates the driver from the light.

This simple but revolutionary design allows multiple lights to be powered by one driver, and leads to a host of other advantages.

  • Saves 80% on installation costs by installing 10x faster
  • Ultra-ThinFits into tight spaces
  • Significantly Less HeatIC-Rated for insulation contact
  • Plenum FriendlyThin, flexible low voltage wiring
  • Design FlexibilityPlug & Play system for fast, easy design changes

Why Choose TILT®

TILT Installs More than 10X Faster and Saves You 80% on Installation Costs

Ready to install a TILT® system on your next project?