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How TILT® Low Voltage Lighting Revolutionizes Retail & Hospitality Lighting

TILT® low voltage LED lighting is an upgrade over conventional hospitality lighting. Not only does TILT® install 10x faster than conventional lighting—offering 80% savings on installation expenses—its cutting edge low voltage technology saves you thousands on energy bills over its lifespan vs. conventional halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lighting options.

Better Lighting Technology
Better Hospitality

The TILT® low voltage design separates the driver from the light. This simple change gives TILT® low voltage lighting multiple advantages over conventional lighting when it comes to outfitting hospitality spaces.

Separating the driver and the light lengthens the life of both, as the heat generated from the driver does not adversely impact the light. TILT® low voltage lights generate so little heat that they are IC rated by UL, permitting them to be in direct contact with insulation. And, because the driver is not attached directly to the light, the light can be thinner, it runs cooler, and it weighs significantly less.

TILT® lights use low voltage wiring so they do not require installation of bulky conduit or junction boxes or require a licensed electrician for the majority of the installation. This means TILT® low voltage LEDs are wired easily in tight spaces—like crowded plenums display cases, or anywhere else where space, style, or atmosphere are a consideration.

The sleek, edge-lit lighting of TILT® provides beautiful, evenly diffused light. The TILT® lighting system can be laid in a grid, flush mounted into a hard surface, surface mounted using a TILT® surface mount kit or suspended with a hanging kit. It’s versatility allows designers and architects to maximize the use of ceiling height and avoid plenum restrictions. Plus, TILT® low voltage lighting is plug and play. New lights are easily added to a circuit with nothing more than a Speed Whip and a pair of pliers.

All TILT® lights are dimmable and available in HE (high efficiency) or CQ (high color quality) models. Save money on your monthly bill when you make the switch to TILT® low voltage LED lighting. When choosing lighting for hospitality, retail—or any other application—choose TILT®.

Why TILT®?

Tough Durable Construction

Ultra Thin Profile

10X Faster Installation

LessHeat than Standard LED

HighestQuality Components

And the #1 REASON
Save 80% on Installation Costs

Make the Switch to TILT® LED in Your Retail or Hospitality Lighting

Not only does conventional lighting produce high energy costs, halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lighting has poor color quality, yellowing and a higher rate of bulb failure over time. TILT® high efficiency LED lighting will not color-shift, shatter, sag, or yellow over time.

Whether you’re displaying clothing or creating the perfect atmosphere for your hotel guests, TILT® lighting delivers the crisp color quality you need. Plus, many LEDs have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours. That’s more than 11 years when used 12 hours a day! That life span of the lighting is, according to experts, about “50 times longer than a typical incandescent, 20-25 times longer than a typical halogen, and 8-10 times longer than a typical CFL.

The investment in a TILT® LED commercial lighting upgrade for your Retail or Hospitality lighting pays for itself over time—simply put, fewer replacements and lower energy usage means less money spent. Whether you’re looking for elegance, modern looks or versatile features, we have options that look great in any type of space.

Solutions for

TILT® Retail Lighting Products

Our lighting solutions can be found in many retail and hospitality settings across the country. LED low voltage lighting is the retail and hospitality lighting solution that businesses are glad to have. Cut your energy bill and opt for quality, long-lasting LED with TILT® low voltage Linear panels, Downlights, Panels, and Controls.

The Benefit of LED Hospitality Lighting

The difference in energy savings and performance between the TILT® commercial lighting system versus conventional lighting is why universities, hospitals, businesses and institutions across the globe choose TILT®.  TILT® Downlights installed at the JW Marriott Luxury Hotels and Resorts location in Los Angeles, CA seamlessly blend with the beautiful, streamlined design of their hotel, and TILT® also has lighting installations at Sleep Inn, Wallhouse Hotel and more.

Why TILT® Retail Lighting

Make sure your customers can find and better determine what they like and want to purchase, contributing to more sales, with TILT® Low Voltage LED Downlights, Panels, and Linear Panels. Compared to conventional lighting—which has color-shift, can shatter, sag, and yellow over time—TILT® Low Voltage LED provides crisp, clear appearance. They can be installed into hard to reach spaces, display cases and beyond. Retail stores choose TILT® Low Voltage LED  lighting because its quality and versatility bring out the true colors of everything in your store, plus they save on your energy costs compared to conventional lighting.

TILT® Commercial Low Voltage LED Linear Panels

With the Linear panels forget about slow start up times and yellowing lighting. These ultra-thin linear panels are available in different widths and lengths so that you can find the perfect solution for your retail space. From a streamlined modern look that elongates the feel of your store or gallery to any use you can imagine, Linear panels are a versatile solution.

LED Linear Panels Features:

  • Less than 3/8” thick
  • Dimmable
  • Available in HE (high efficiency) or CQ (high color quality) models
  • Available in lengths up to 96”
  • IC rated by UL
  • Allows multiple lights to be powered by one driver
  • Can be laid-in a grid, flush mounted, surface mounted or suspended

Choose from 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ TILT® LED Linear Lights

TILT® Commercial Low Voltage LED Downlights

TILT® Commercial Low Voltage Downlights, available in square and round varieties, can be installed virtually anywhere in your retail space because they can be flush mounted and are only ½ inch thick. Install TILT® LED lighting in the areas that need illuminated, but that conventional light systems cannot reach. Conventional are bulky and hot because of the attached driver on each light—unlike the TILT® plug and play lighting system that requires only one driver to power multiple lights in your retail space.

LED Downlights Features:

  • Dimmable
  • Available in HE (high efficiency) or CQ (high color quality) models
  • Available various sizes up to 12” square and 24” round
  • IC rated by UL
  • Allows multiple lights to be powered by one driver
  • Can be laid-in a grid, flush mounted, surface mounted or suspended

Choose from TILT® Round, Square, 8″ Recessed and 8″ Wet Rated Recessed LED Downlights

TILT® Low Voltage LED Panels

Get evenly diffused and more controlled light with TILT® low voltage LED edge-lit panels. TILT®  provides the ideal illumination and commercial lighting systems for store and retail spaces. Fluorescents flicker and even cause common ailments like eye strain—make your employees and customers happier with beautiful LED Panels. They provide clear lighting, making your products more appealing and shoppers more enticed to buy!

LED Panels Features:

  • Will not shatter, sag, yellow or color-shift.
  • Less than 3/8” thick
  • Dimmable
  • Available in HE (high efficiency) or CQ (high color quality) models
  • IC rated by UL
  • Allows multiple lights to be powered by one driver
  • Can be laid-in a grid, flush mounted, surface mounted or suspended

Choose from TILT® 1×1, 1×2, 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 LED Panels

TILT® Accessories

Wireless Controls

The TILT® selection of controls, including Controllers, Switches and Remotes, Occupancy Sensors and Dim Chips allow employees and owners of retail and hospitality businesses wirelessly turn on/off the lights, set up sensors to save energy, dim their lights to the desired illumination and more. Your retail store is able to operate the lights wire and battery-free, with easily programmable options and configurations.

Surface Mount and Hanging Kits

Our TILT® Surface Mount Kits are used to mount TILT® plug-and-play LED lights for any retail and hospitality lighting needs. TILT® low-voltage commercial LEDs can be laid-in a grid, flush mounted into a hard surface, suspended with a hanging kit, or surface mounted using a TILT® surface mount kit. With more options you can create the look you want.

Retail and Hospitality Installations

JW Marriott, Wendy’s, Sleep Inn, Schoenbrunn Inn, Prosser Senior Housing, Wallhouse Hotel, Garland Hotel, Sarah Reed Senior Living, Hampton Inn

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