TILT® Low Voltage Lighting System

Columbia University
New York, NY
Installs More Than 10X Faster! Watch the Video to See HowSee How Much You Can Save on Your Next Project

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TILT® is Re-Inventing Commercial Lighting

Introducing TILT®, a revolutionary, new, and completely different approach to commercial lighting.

TILT® is a plug and play, low-voltage commercial lighting system that saves 80% on installation costs and installs more than 10x faster than conventional lighting.

TILT® is brilliant, beautiful, efficient and tomorrow’s lighting solution…today.

What is TILT®?

The TILT® System is made up of four main components.

  1. Driver
  2. Drive Line
  3. Speed Whips
  4. LED Lights
Low Voltage LED Lighting System Diagram

Why TILT®?

Tough Durable Construction

Ultra Thin Profile

10X Faster Installation

LessHeat than Standard LED

HighestQuality Components

And the #1 REASON
Save 80% on Installation Costs

Discover the TILT® Difference

Installs More than 10X Faster and Saves 80% on Installation

Featured Product

TILT® Linear Panels

TILT® Linear Panel lights are ultra-thin (less than 3/8” thick) and will fit into the tightest, heavy traffic plenum spaces. The Linear Series is available in widths of 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” and in lengths up to up to 96” for some widths.

The sleek edge-lit design and wide beam angle of the Linear Panels provides beautiful, evenly diffused light and can be laid-in a grid, flush mounted into a hard surface, surface mounted using a TILT® surface mount kit or suspended with a hanging kit. All of the Linear Series lights are dimmable and available in HE (high efficiency) or CQ (high color quality) models.

Real Companies.
Real Solutions.

From quick installation to aesthetics to energy efficiency, clients across all industries choose TILT®.

Ready to install a TILT® system on your next project?