TILT® Low Voltage Controller


The TILT Low Voltage Controller (receiver) is used with TILT wireless Switches, Remotes and Occupancy Sensors to wirelessly turn TILT lights on/off and provide a full range of wireless dimming capability (5%-100%) with no flicker. It is easily programmed or reconfigured in minutes; will control up to 25 Switches, Remotes or Occupancy Sensors; and is not affected by other wireless signals.

The TILT Low Voltage Controller has two quick connects for fast and easy installation, with one connection going to the TILT Driver and the other going to the TILT Drive Line (or light). One of these controllers is typically required for each TILT Driver and will control all of the lights powered by that driver. The Low Voltage Controller is ideal for a fast, easy installation with few drivers, while the 0-10V Controller is typically best for larger installations with many drivers.