TILT® Low Voltage Lighting Products

Separated from its driver, ultra-thin TILT® low voltage LED commercial lighting fits into tight plenum spaces. TILT low voltage LED lighting installs up to ten times faster which saves up to 80% on installation costs. Choose from a variety of sizes (from 4-inch round and square to 12’’-24’’ round).

TILT® LED Light Panels

TILT® panels are energy-efficient, easy-to-install and come in many sizes.

TILT® LED Downlights

TILT® downlights use less energy, provide great ambient lighting and install quickly.

TILT® LED Linear Panels

TILT® linear lighting suggests lines, define spaces, and are energy-efficient.

TILT® Non-Ferrous MRI LED Panel

TILT® non-ferrous MRI panels are low-voltage and even fit the tightest, heavy traffic plenum spaces.

TILT® LED Troffer

TILT® Architectural Troffers are energy-efficient, easy-to-install and provide a unique design for commercial applications.

TILT® Drivers

TILT® drivers are revolutionary, can be installed up to 50’ from light, come in 16W to 100W models.

TILT® Wired Components

TILT® wired components bring design flexibility and make installation easier than conventional wiring.

TILT® Panel & Downlight Accessories

Mount many TILT® LED lights to any hard surface or suspend them from a ceiling or substrate.

TILT® Wireless Controls

TILT® wireless controls are battery-free, easily programmed and 5%-100% dimmability.

Why TILT®?

80% Savings on Installation Costs

Ultra Thin Profile

10X Faster Installation

LessHeat than Standard LED

HighestQuality Components