Tilt® PWM Driver


TILT® PWM driver is a constant voltage Class 2 power unit that converts standard 120 to 277-volt AC power to 24-volt DC power. TILT PWM driver is available in a 96 watt model. The Driver can be located up to 50’ from a light, allowing the driver to be installed in the most convenient, easily accessible and centralized location. All TILT drivers are plenum rated and designed to work with TILT dimmers and controls, as well as other 0-10 volt dimming and control systems. The TILT PWM driver dimming can go as low as .001% without flickering in a 0-10v/1-10V and 10V PWM. The TILT PWM driver has a steel enclosure box, along with an aluminum housing for the driver. The 24-volt DC output and 0-10 volt control circuits on all drivers have quick connects for receiving the TILT plug and play drive line and controls.